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Some of my interests:

  • Open Source Ecology - An open source project aimed at delivering open source alternatives for 50 most essential machines for human existence.
  • O'Reilly Media - A media group that puts out great materials for the Maker Movement
  • Printrbot - Open source 3D printing based on RepRap technology
  • Arduino - Open source microcontrollers
  • OpenNI - Hacking the Kinect
  • Creative Commons - A license organization for easy sharing of information
  • Ray Dall's Fundamentals of Electronics 101 - A magnificent online electronics course
  • SimpleCV - A python library for programming using the computer vision OpenCV framework
  • Home Automation - Making your home more intelligent and easy to use
    • Smarthome - A commercial brand of X10 devices for home automation
    • X10 - The original system for controlling electronic devices via your home's power circuits
    • LinuxMCE - A distribution of Linux designed for home automation

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