Hi there! I'm David Hoyt, Cal Poly CPE grad and drone aficionado. I have quite a bit of experience with building, flying, and (of course) fixing drones, and would love to share as much of that as I can. You can find more information about me on my LinkedIn.

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Some of my copters at iFixit's office in SLO

And now, please allow me to drone on...

  • Sepulveda Dam - Filming for Infinity Automotive
  • Palmdale Desert - Filming for 'Wish I Was Here' (2014)
  • The Japanese Garden, Van Nuys - Filming for Discovery Channel
  • Universal Studios Backlot - Filming for T.J. Maxx · Marshalls · HomeGoods
  • Built the 'GryzzlBox Delivery Drone' and delivery box mechanism for Parks & Rec (NBC), operated it on set during shooting.
  • Three Heavylift Octocopters designed to carry RED Epic cameras (brushless gimbals, wireless video, one built using a H3-3D gimbal for FPV)
    • Two Mid-Sized Quadcopters (Brushless gimbals, wireless video, one with autonomous flight)
    • Rainbow LED copter with sequenceable RGB LEDs!
  • I was in the Drone edition of Make Magazine, and got to visit their headquarters in Sebastopol, CA for a day with Drone Dudes
  • Homebuilt two hexacopters and three quadcopters, all Ardupilot based
  • Senior project at Cal Poly - Collision Avoidance
    • Two fixed wing aircraft, both autonomous, exchanged GPS information and avoided each other's airspace
  • I took a drone on a 3500 mile road trip
  • M2 and M2.5 Screwdrivers
  • Velcro, mounting tape, and zip ties
  • Multimeter
  • Calipers
  • 3D Printer

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