Replacing the battery in the Garmin Nuvi 200

  1. Peel off the sticker from the bottom of the device to reveal two screws.
    • Peel off the sticker from the bottom of the device to reveal two screws.

  2. Remove two T5 Torx screws.
    • Remove two T5 Torx screws.

    • Insert a plastic opening tool in the gap between the front and rear casing.

    • Carefully work the tool around the gap, separating the two halves of the case.

      • Keep the power switch in place while removing the rear case.

    • Peel away the tape holding the ribbon cable in place.

    • Disconnect the ribbon cable by using a spudger to flip up the retaining flap on its ZIF-style connector. Then gently remove the cable.

    • Pull out the cable between the logic board and the speaker to disconnect them.

    • Remove the three screws from the logic board using the #00 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Lift the board away from the case but do not pull the logic board completely off, as it is still attached to the battery by a cable.

    • Detach the logic board form the battery by pulling out the cable.

    • Do not use any sharp objects around the battery, as these may puncture the battery.

    • Remove the battery by pulling it away from the casing.

      • The battery is glued to the casing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This document could be improved by including information about where to acquire a replacement battery, and any modifications that might be required to a generic battery.

Jonathan Moore - Antwoord

Seems like there are some on Amazon and Ebay. Not sure how to verify getting the right one. Not that expensive, so maybe worth the risk.

Jim Carnicom - Antwoord

It was a huge mistake to peel away the ribbon cable. It needs matched up precisely and exactly in the same alignment as it was before during reassembly, an apparently impossible task once it's been detached. I'd advise opening the halves in book form, leaving the ribbon cable as a hinge. Have about given up trying to position it.

Nice tutorial, except for the booby trap.

gepetto4 - Antwoord

Cannot stress enough that the step 5 calling for the removal of the tape holding the ribbon cable be removed from this guide! My Nuvi will not work anymore because I can't get that ribbon cable aligned. I wish I had read all the comments as the above poster warned of this very problem. Please update the guide and remove step 5!

Jarrod - Antwoord

A question from Rich: After many years of use , the connector on the back for the charging cord seems loose . This results in power loss when the cord move or giggles as you go down the road. Is the connector directly in the battery ? Can I replace the connector only? Is it part of the battery and must the battery be replaced ? Thanks

rich brooks - Antwoord


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