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I'm Diana, a software developer here at iFixit. I've been a Software Engineering student at Cal Poly since fall, 2014 (I'll let you do the math).

I'm a programmer-- Input coffee- output code, right?

Not quite! I'm an avid tea drinker, I actually can't stand coffee. Caffine or not, plant-water is the best beverage. ;)

What happens when someone unplugs me?

Regrettably, we must all turn off the screen at some point-- kidding.

My hobbies are primarily focused around programming and computer usage:

I run and am constantly building an online community called WindlynOnline. In short, it's an entertainment website complete with casual games, extra cute avatar customization (in the form of virtual paper doll-esque dress up ), and a wonderful community always ready to chat. I design, program, and draw everything on the site myself, and it takes up most of my free time.

I'm really interested in the idea of companion robots.

Robots are good for tedious, repetitive, dangerous, or manual work and all, but rather than building a race of slave labor, there's a better direction we can take them. Humans have a need for companionship-- why not make autonomous things fill it? AI can let a robot talk to you about your day, tell you jokes, or help you pick out your outfit; It can look up recipes, help you cook, teach you skills, and so much more. We already have features to track your diet, exercise, health and more... all that's left is to create a more interactive shell.

I don't have much to show yet-- I'm just getting started with tinkering with raspberry pi, but soon!

Offline, I reeaaally like doing arts and crafts. I often can be found knitting hats, crocheting scarves or plush toys, or sewing something or other.

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