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Background and Identification

The iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series is a fully automated robotic vacuum cleaner (originally released in 2012). This modal was initially a Costco exclusive. iRobot has sold more than 10 million Roomba devices worldwide, evolving from the original 500 series to the newest 800 series.

The Roomba Pet Series is a lot like the other models however it has features that allow it to clean areas inhabited by your pets. It has all the features of the 650 model, plus some extra such as the filter set, extra brushes, two cleaning utensils, and an XLife battery. The included cleaning utensils allow for easy cleaning when the machine picks up hair and other debris. An extra set of brushes lets you alternate the brushes so you can clean one set, while the other is in use. It also has a vacuuming bin and sweeper bin. The vacuuming bin is designed for normal use, while the sweeper bin is designed for use in areas with abnormal debris, such as pet hair.

The Pet Series Roomba can be identified by Its grey and black color scheme, as well as the displays on the black control center. The battery indicator is a green box battery symbol with a positive and negative sign inside it. There are several buttons on the display reading day, hour, minute, spot, clean, dock, schedule, and clock. A picture of the machine is on this page for further reference. This guide will focus primarily on the Roomba 655 Pet Series, however most of the material can be used to troubleshoot issues with other Roomba models.

Technical Specifications


All Models

  • 34 centimeters in diameter
  • 9 centimeters tall


  • Manufacture Warranty: 30 day money back depending on where you purchased your robot (you must also register your robot to receive this limited warranty option).


For more information regarding common issues and problems with your Roomba check out the following guide:

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