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The iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series vacuum manufactured in 2012. Costco exclusive.

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My side brush will not stay screwed in during use...why?

This happens on a daily basis, the screws used are supplied by the vendor.

It started when I noticed one of the 3 brushes had been 90 percent torn off.

I replaced the brush assy, screwed it back on, but I kept finding it and the screw unattached in the house. Its like the socket is stripped. Whats a gal to do?


The entire front wheel assy will easily drop out of the bottom of my Roomba, even if I pick it up! Why is this?

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If Roomba won’t help you, coat the screws with

Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker to hold them in place

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@mayer - I would just use fingernail polish ;-}

I find the Red Loctite can be a bit too strong so you can't take the screws out later. Low Strength (Purple) or Medium Strength (Blue) maybe better choices.


@danj I like the Red on larger screws and the blue on small computer screws. The checkout guy looks at me funny when I buy nail polish.


@mayer - Just tell the counter guy its for your dogs nails ;-}

I personally use clear for by screws ;-}


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Sounds like your unit is either defective or encounters a lot of vibration so the screws don’t stay secured.

I would recommend you speak with Roomba directly to see if they are aware of the screws loosing up as well as get the missing bracket and screws for your front wheels. Depending on when you bought the unit they may exchange it.


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