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Background and Identification

The Monster SoundStage S1 Mini measures at 11.5 in x 49 in x 3.5 in., making it the smallest of the SoundStage speakers. Without a battery and therefore only runs while plugged into a power source, the non-portable speaker weighs about 4.4 pounds. Music can be played through a variety of mediums, including Bluetooth, Wifi, and Near Field Communication (NFC). Additionally the speaker can connect through audio line-in (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm), SPDIF input, and DC power output. Controlling the speaker is done through the buttons on the top or through the user's phone; there is no external remote control that comes with the device.

The speaker is splashproof, allows grouping speakers to play in synchronization, and plays Ultra High Definition music up to 24 bit - 192 kHz.

Released in 2015, the Monster SoundStage S1 Mini can be identified by item model number MSP SSTG S1 MINI WW 129267-00

Additional Information

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