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Released in 2015, this device can be identified by item model number MSP SSTG S1 MINI WW 129267-00

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Why is my speaker not turning on?

I press on the power button for 5-10 seconds but there is a delay in starting up.

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I was told it's the circuit board is bad and can't be replaced

These things are junk,



I stumbled across a hack, try this...

1) plug in speaker

2) plug in micro usb into back of speaker ( I connected mine to PC usb port )

3) power up speaker ( this time it boots up )

This fixed my issue of when I hit the power button the blue light would blink once then the 4 blue LEDs would light up on the front and then power light back to orange and nothing.


Did this and its still blinking, its been over ten mins. How long does it blink for?


please do you know how to fix it when it's stell going blinking red and blue whithout turning in solid blue??thanks


Monster earbuds will not power up, used them 3 times why is this happening?


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This is normal. After powering your speaker, it takes 1 minute to start up. The power sensor light will flash red and blue. Once it stays solid blue your speaker is ready to be used.

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My power button stays solid red even after I tough it. Unit does not power up.


i have the same issues, how its solve the problem?


please do you know how to fix it when it's stell going blinking red and blue whithout turning in solid blue??thanks


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I saw a YouTube video where a guy has this EXACT ISSUE. He said it never turns on. He presses it, uses entire hand at times….found that sometime using his PALM WORKED! Funny…but irritating considering an expensive speaker has this glitch. Then he said, even his palm stopped working. He ended up taking a butter knife to the (when facing the speaker) right side. Use the knife to gently lift up the top plastic cover until you expose the red light section of the ON button. Use your finger NOW and place it over the sensor.

It should turn BLUE I'm a few seconds.

Then gently place the black cover piece back down .

Worked for me. Irritating, considering this is NOT a $25 speaker. This detailed for over $200 when it first came out.


Try that. Or watch his video ….

Best luck!

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