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Click here for the Troubleshooting Page for the Canon EOS Rebel XS 35mm

Background and Identification

It's known as the EOS Rebel XS in the North American market, the EOS Kiss in the Japanese Domestic market, and the EOS 500 in other markets outside Japan & North America).

Additional Information

The Canon EOS Rebel XS 35mm is an entry-level camera that utilizes the more general Canon EOS system. It’s the third generation of Rebel cameras. The Rebel XS, along with the Rebel X, are the lightest, smallest, and most quiet of the Rebel cameras. (Its lightweight is partly due to its hollow porroprism, which contrasts with the standard solid pentaprism.) The Rebel XS is highly similar to the Rebel X, except it has a built-in pop-up flash.

Taken from

FEATURES INCLUDE: Auto focus with manual override, AF lock, AF auxiliary light. New 3 point Multi-Wide Autofocus system links focus points to metering pattern. Manual metering with aperture priority AE, shutter priority AE and program AE (with functions including Intelligent Program AE, Auto Depth AE (formerly called DOF AE), Green Zone quick control dial for full auto modes and Flash AE (A-TTL program flash AE with optional 430EZ and 300EZ; and TTL program flash with built-in flash and optional 200E and ML-3). Metering patterns: 6 zone evaluative, center-weighted averaging and 9.5% partial of the central image area. LCD metering display in VF and on top panel, exp. comp., AE lock, dedicated hot shoe. Built-in pop-up flash: GN 39, 28mm lens coverage, red eye reduction. Shutter speed range 30 sec to 1/2000 plus B, flash sync at 1/90, self timer, auto DX ISO range 25-5000 with manual override (manual ISO range 6-6400), built-in motordrive provides auto film advance (prewind system) and rewind, mid-roll rewind possible, multi exp capability.”

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