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The Cricut Maker is a multifunctional arts and craft cutting machine, that uses the software Design Space for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

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Where can I get my circut maker repair

Where can I get my circut maker repair

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it depends on your location


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iFixit has several different guides for getting your Circuit Maker fixed, including a great deal of guides and troubleshooting resources which I shall include below. Although, we will need to know which Cricut device you have and what issue you are experiencing specifically so that we can help you efficiently.

- Cricut Maker

- Cricut Maker Troubleshooting

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so these are only good for dissembling...where can we get parts? like, mine needs a mother board..


@kirkserbian The challenge is that the Cricut company doesn't seem to supply parts outside of replacement power adapters. I would maybe try to get into contact with their support team and see if the company can sell you the motherboard first hand. Otherwise you could try to salvage a motherboard from one that is being scrapped or sold for parts.


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