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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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How to fix google play store - not downloading anything?

So I have a Samsung J5 pro, and I can’t download anything from the Google Play Store app.

Every time I try, it seems to be downloading then I receive the notification that it cannot install this app. I have followed all solutions provided by support google and even Samsung on this problem, but nothing works.

I had this problem previously about 4 months ago. After I had factory reset my phone, the problem was no longer there - a friend of mine said that it was due to Stan being linked to my google account, so nothing will download unless the prescription is paid.

However, for the last 2 months, I have had this same problem again, the Stan prescription has been paid for and I have also factory reset my phone twice more, followed the suggested solutions multiple times as well. I also tried not backing up and restoring my google account data, and removing it from my drive to see if that may have been the problem.

The only thing that I can think of doing is completely removing all data from my phone, removing my SD card, removing all back-up data on both my Google and Samsung accounts, then factory reset my phone. If that does not work, I might have to take it to a phone repair shop.

Is anyone else having the same problem? Do you know how to fix it?

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Just verifying that it worked each time after you factory reset the phone twice more in the last 2 months and now it doesn’t work again, is this correct?

If so try some of the following to see if you can narrow down the problem:

a) Check that the Play Store app is up to date. Open the Play Store app and go to Settings > About > Play Store Version, tap to enter and check if it says that an update is required or not. If it is, tap and follow the prompts. See if downloading works now

b) Start the phone in safe mode and then check if you can download using the Play Store app. If you can then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.

c) Clear the system cache (scroll down the page to find out how to do this) and then check if you can download OK

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Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried what you have said and Google Play still will not update or install new apps.

For the factory reset, the first time I had this problem with Google Play I had done a factory reset on my phone; straight away the problem was gone. However over a month ago when the problem occurred again, I did a factory reset 2 times after following all suggested solutions in between, however the problem still persists.

Even after I started the phone in safe mode, I still cannot update or download new apps from Google Play store unfortunately.


Hi @alyssia97 ,

The only thing that I can suggest now is that you re-install (or update) the firmware for the phone, in case the recovery firmware in the phone has become corrupted somehow.

Make sure that you have backed up the phone first or have copied all your data etc first before trying this (if you want to try it of course)

Here's a link to a video that shows how to do this.


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