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The Ford Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer were both updated for the 2006 model year on a new frame, produced by Magna International rather than Tower Automotive.

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Why is my car hard idleing and not accelerating?

I have 2008 Ford Explorer 4.0L engine and over 130,000 miles. My car is shaking and won’t accelerate when I push the gas peddle. I’ve replaced throttle body unit, replaced engine control computer (programmed it also), and changed the spark plugs but the car is still doing the same thing. My mechanic had put the scanner on it and he can’t figure it out either.

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Desmon Kellam what is your fuel pressure like? when you had it scanned did it show any coeds at all?


I have two throttle bodies which I have switched out both throttle bodies, but I’m getting the same results. The results are the car the won’t accelerate, the engine is jumping and no gas is going to the engine.


Wow my 2003 Ford Explorer is doing the same thing I have had everything in the book put on I'm scared to move mine cause it's person says one thing and the other says another please give us some answers.


My vehicle is doing the same but maybe there is a good reason; I just threw away my automatic transmission and replaced it with a standard, the fact that it started tells me I'm on the right track but for some minor detail.

Lloyd Tingling


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Out at the throttle body is the wires for the system, you may have a wire that has rubbed raw and shorted out, I have also seen 2 wires together short together so unwrap the wire harness and verify if you have bad wiring, you should not have to unwrap much, typically where the wire harness for the TPS bends, probably within a few inches.

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I don’t know. I have codes from the scanner.

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I know you replaced the throttle body, but did you replace the throttle positioning sensor? I notice the P0122 and P0223 showing voltage problems, but P2104 and P2110 also relate to the throttle positioning sensor.


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