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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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How to fix the F11 code?

How do I fix the F 11 error code on my washer?

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I have been getting the F11 code off and on for a while now. I checked on the motor control board wiring/made sure they were all snug. I ran the diagnostics and everything seemed to work fine. I started a load and got the F11 code again. If there was a board failure, would the diagnostic test run okay? I don't want to spend money one something that doesn't need fixing. Any help would be appreciated.


I have a Kenmore Elite H3t front load washer. I had F11 error and cleaned out the drain plug like people mention on here but still F11.

I bought the part 8181692 and installed. Now I get an F99 error which is saying I have the wrong board, but the numbers match. Help me Obi One washer expert... You are my only hope.


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lindsay.harman F11 is an indication of a communications problem between the machine control board and the motor control board. Possible causes:

Loose wire connection at either the machine control board or motor control board.

Machine control board failure

Motor control board failure

Door lock


you could try a proverbial hard reset by following the procedure below.

To clear and restart the control follow the these steps:

Unplug or turn the circuit breaker off for 10-20 minutes.

Reconnect the unit to the power source by turning the breaker back on or plugging the washer back in.

Press the Pause/Cancel/Stop button twice to clear the display.

Download the service manual from the bottom of this page and let us know if and what works and what does not.

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I had this problem last year. Called Sears and they right away said of it is the board that needs replacing. So they ordered the board. $600.00. Well they came back two seeks later to replace the board. And they did not have the part said it was being mailed to our home. We never received it.Well the washer started working when we got home after gone for a month. Never received the message again. Until this week. Decided to call a local appliance person. He immediately took off the front bottom part. Asked for a pan and towel. He drained the water pump. You can’t imagine what came out. Built up lent and the smell. He could not believe how old my set was 15 years old. He stated they looked brand new. I wash about twice a week. Just two of us. So it cost us $140.00 instead of replacing the board. He stated that is what most people immediately do replace the board. Glad I called him instead of Sears


Thanks for your story. I was visiting an elderly couple who’s washing machine was giving F11. I cleaned out the water pump trap and all is well! The service man was going to charge them $600 to just replace one of their boards. Ridiculous how people take advantage of the elderly. Thank you!


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I just went through the same problem with wash interruptions due to F11 codes on my Kenmore He3t. Sometimes I would show the dl (door lock) code as well. Tried snugging electrical connections and the plug/plug in techniques and managed to limp along for a while that way. After checking for pricing on a new washer control board ($210 best price) I opted for a remanufactured one through Ebay fulfilled by for $81. The part arrived two days quicker than the estimated delivery, installed easily and solved my problem/s. The part number is 8181692.

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Hi I have the same problem. checked everything. still not working. machine starts filling up and then the F11 code starts beeping. what next please. thanks


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Had this exact problem. My Kenmore elite is 20 years old. I ordered the new housing communication panel part number 46197030068 off of eBay watched a YouTube video of how to change it out and voila operating normal and no code. All for $280 with 3 year warranty. My family kept saying just get a new one but I was determined to fix it. What did I have to lose. Thanks for the information.


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i drain out the water and particules on the filter at the bottom of the washer and connect it again to power and the door unlocked and is running again.

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