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The Optoma HD20 is a home theater projector that has a 1080p resolution that was released August 2009. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Optoma HD20 - Projector Stopped working while in use.

While using the projector the other night the project just stopped. no power and it will not turn back on. Any thoughts?

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There's a fair chance that the lamp is dead.

If the projector doesn't respond when you press any of the buttons, you need to reset the device. Do this by disconnecting the device's power cable from its power supply and waiting for at least two minutes. After two minutes, reconnect the power cable and try powering the Optoma HD20 projector on. If the projector makes a loud popping sound and then shuts off, the lamp is dead and needs to be replaced; if this happens, the projector won't power back on until the lamp is replaced.

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Hi Jayeff

I have tried to reset the device by disconnecting the power cable and waiting... but still nothing is happening when trying to turn the power on... I thought it was still worth the shot to try and change out the lamp and I just got it in mail today and swapped it out and still nothing. will not power on at all.


Hi Bruce,

Sounds like something is amiss with the power supply or what the power supply feeds.

I am assuming that you have checked that there is power available from the power outlet?

Other than that I can only suggest that you contact an electronics repair company (TV repairs maybe if none other handy) and ask if they handle repairs to your device and get a quote. Given that the fault may be in an area where "lethal" voltages exist I am loathe to encourage you to investigate further yourself. Leave it to the experts.


Jayeff .. yeah that's what I concluded as well. i returned the lamp and Since I have had the hd20 for a while and not knowing what repairs would cost.. I ending up upgrading to a new optima HD141X 1080p 3D projector.. it was pretty reasonable on Amazon.

Thanks for your advice.


Hi Bruce myname is Stephen I have a Optoma projector power turns on the Optoma sign lights up and shows on the screen then turns off after a few seconds would you have any idea what may be wrong please my email address is regards Stephen


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If you face any problem in the projector then go and visit the perfect projector because this company will give you a lot of information about the projector. After reading this info you will be able to repair it by yourself. I am sure about that because I was passed the same situation before 3 years and tried these guidelines.

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