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Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Working on vehicle's from about age 13 was alway's a great interest. Started sweeping the floors and kept looking over the local mechanics and body mens shoulder's to learn what I could.

Worked in the automotive industry heat exchanger division 20+, Most of the time as a quality Assurance Tech. which entailed any thing from repairing/calibrating delicate measuring instruments, teaching employee's in the use of equipment/machines, trouble shooting equipment/machinery. Because of the way shifts worked out it allowed me to hone other interest also, working on vehicles, doing renovations on homes from plumbing, electrical, heating to complete gutting and with a friend doing appliance repair. When the Factory moved to Mexico was forced to pursue other interest. Completed courses to get my certificate to do Home/Building inspection's and ran a small renovation business successfully for a few years. Then completed apprenticeship/college certification for Licensed Collision Tech./Mechanic. In spare time started working on windows based computer's trouble shooting hardware problems and fixing and then giving them to people that could use them. Now I find my self semi retired with a bit of time on my hands and volunteer here at iFixit trying to help others with there repair issues


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