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Background and Identification

The CRUISER2 is the second model in the line of Bluetooth speaker phones produced by Jabra. The Cruiser2 was released in 2010 and has had a firmware update released as recently as 2013.

As opposed to the flip-phone look of the original Jabra CRUISER, the Jabra CRUISER2 takes on a more new age appearance. With the CRUISER2 design, it is easy to identify where the speaker is, and to tell what each light on the status display represents. On the right side of the CRUISER2 there is a micro-USB port for charging, an FM button, and an On/Off switch.

To identify the device as a CRUISER2, simply flip it over and look for the name of the device printed on a sticker in the middle of the device. To this date, the Jabra CRUISER2 only comes in black.

Technical Specifications


  • 2.6 X 4.9 X 0.75 inches
  • 3 ounces


  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 2.1
  • Auto Pairing Capabilities
    • Can be paired automatically with devices that use Bluetooth
  • USB Connectivity
  • Music Streaming Capabilities
    • Can stream music from other Bluetooth enabled devices like phones, laptops, and MP3 players


  • Narrowband Frequency Response
    • Capable of producing sound in a range suited for analog phone lines
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    • Optimizes voice and music and suppresses echoes


  • Dual Microphone with Noise Blackout
    • Noise filter with two microphones using DSP to remove noise
  • Extra High Sensitivity
  • Mute Function Available

Battery Life

  • Talk time: 14 hours
  • Standby time: 480 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Has a battery life indicator on the status display


  • Manufacturer Warranty: One-Year Limited
  • MSRP: $69.99


If you are having problems with your Jabra CRUISER2, refer to the troubleshooting page here: Jabra CRUISER2 Troubleshooting.

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