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Center button not working after following tutorial

Hey guys i have an ipod classic 80gb that had a bad click wheel, followed the tutorial step by step installed the new click wheel, went back to put it back together but now the center button doesnt work at all, re opened the ipod double checking with every step from your tutorial everything "looks" perfect, new click wheel works like a charm yet the center button still not working, what possibly went wrong?

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when it's disassembled does the centre button still "click'? is the black foam piece in place? is it the right part?


hey thanks for the quick answer, yes, the black button on the logic board clicks, even assembled with the new wheel every button clicks as it "should".

the center button has its black foam in place it has some sort of plastic recovering the entire button so i havent touched it.


What happened that made you replace the click wheel


the original click wheel lost almost all it sensibility to scroll around menus and stuff, but the center button was working perfectly. so i replaced the click wheel to get my ipod back to normal activity, but apparently something went wrong with the center button, but i dont know what happened. followed the ifixit tutorial with extreme caution and no, im not new at "fixing" stuff though, but certainly im not an "apple" engineer. so thats why im asking if this is a common problem, or what did i do wrong in the process?. maybe the center button attached to the logic board got burned and might need a new logic board? any help or direction on how to fix this would be really appreciated. thanks!


cleskovsek did you manage to find a solution?

I have encountered the exact same problem after replacing my clickwheel (also an 80GB Classic).

Any response would be much appreciated, cheers.


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I did not mean to insinuate that you were new at "fixing stuff. Sorry if it came across as such. I would try the old click wheel to see if that makes a difference. Also, try to assemble your iPod without the center button. Depress the switch manually by using a pencil with the eraser side pushing the switch. Try this with the old and the new click wheel. That way you will know if it is the click wheel, or the logic board. The other thing you can do is measure the switch itself. Attach the leads from your multimeter to the bottom two contacts, you should see that the switch does have some resistance, and total continuity when depressed. Hope this helps, good luck

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