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The HP Probook 4530s is from a line of business notebooks manufactured by Hewlett-Packard (HP). It is from the S-Series (standard series), consisting of Intel powered screens.

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Battery Drain even power off

Battery Drain even power off

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Hi @rajendrana90680

Has the laptop been dropped or gotten wet at all?

If not then it could simply be a failing battery not holding its charge once the power has been disconnected

Create a battery report to check the status of the battery.

When you have the report, compare the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge Capacity value shown in the report. For a good battery these two values should nearly be the same.

You can work out as a percentage how good the battery still is by using the formula Full Charge Capacity value x 100 ÷ Design Capacity Value.

If it is a very low percentage you may want to consider replacing the battery.

There are 3 batteries available for the laptop. Search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best. You can check which battery you have now as the part number should be printed on it.

9-cell (93 WHr, 2.8 Ah), part # 633809-001

6-cell (55 WHr, 2.8 Ah), part # 650938-001

6-cell (47 WHr, 2.2 Ah), part # 633805-001

Here is the maintenance and service guide that may help. Go to p.47 to view how to remove the battery from the laptop.

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