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iMac will not fully boot

I have either the original or 2003 model of iMac G4. The base plate says 800MHz/60/256 and it uses the older airport card.

I got this in a lot of other Macs and don’t know the background. I cannot get the machine to boot. I have replaced the PRAM battery as well as pressing the reset button that is next to the airport card.

When plugged in and I press the power button, the fan will kick on for a second and shut back off. There is also a red light that appears under the iMac near the airport card for the same duration of a second and shut off.

Not sure what else to check. I’ve removed both RAM cards as well as trying each individually with the same result of only coming on for a second.

There are no other lights and no tones indicating bad RAM or other post issues

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I would inspect the power supplies electrolytic capacitors as this system suffered the capacitor plague

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Dang. Alright I’ll tear it apart a little more and look at them. Thanks


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