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The Samsung UN55KS9000F 55-inch 4K SUHD TV is a flat panel 2160P TV. Released from Samsung in 2016. Model number: UN55KS9000FXZA.

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Weird shadow and backlight bleed.

I got this cool samsung television for free from someone I know, thought it would be a cool little project for a new free TV. I opened it up from the back but I have no idea where to start. It has a kind of shadow trough the middle of the screen and what looks like a crack in the middle where the backlight bleeds as you can see on the picture.

Any recommendations or ideas are welcome. Thanks!

Block Image

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If the TV model you selected is the same as what you have, then it may be that one of the backlight LED strips (or power supply to the strip) is faulty.

Here's a supplier which shows images of the backlight strips.

The TV has edge lit backlighting (scroll down to Edge Lit) so perhaps the power to one of the strips is the problem, although the "crack" does seem a bit strange - maybe it's just a shadow effect from the failed backlight or perhaps a crack in the diffuser sheet

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Cool, thanks!

And what about the crack?


@Ferre Vekemans

I don't know.

You will have to disassemble the display panel to see what the problem is.

You've got to do this anyway if the LED backlight strip needs replacing.


Alright thanks!


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