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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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My fan is moving

My fan is moving too much and making sound

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Hi Hardik,

My daughter-in-law had the same complaint about two of the ceiling fans in her house. When I took a look at them, I found that on one of them, the screws holding the fan blades to the motor were loose, causing the blades to wobble and make noise. I simply tightened the screws and the fan went back to being quiet and stopped wobbling.

On the other one, it turned out that whoever installed it hadn't secured the mounting screws to the box in the ceiling correctly. In that case, I resecured the screws to the base and that fixed that problem.

The only other time I've had to deal with a wobbling fan, I ended up having to balance it. That involves little weights placed on the blades, much like balancing tires on a car. It's kind of a tedious process, as you have to kind of guess where the imbalance is, place a weight, turn the fan on and let it spin up to full speed, then turn it off, let it stop, adjust the weight(s) and try again. Took forever, but eventually I found the right combination of weight and position so it spun evenly with no noise or wobble.

If you've tried the first two things and they didn't help, balancing the fan may be needed. The fan manufacturing company Hunter has a video showing how to balance a fan here.

How to use a Ceiling Fan Balance Kit - YouTube

You can buy balance kits all over the place; here's a sample of one of the first ones that came up on an internet search. Ceiling Fan Balancing kit Fan Balancing Kits Including 4 Pieces Plastic Fan Balancing Clip and 12 Pieces Metal Self-Adhesive 3G Weight for Ceiling Fan Weight Balancing : Tools & Home Improvement

Good luck; hope this helps!

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