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Een USB-kabel (Universal Serial Bus) is een veelgebruikt type kabel dat wordt gebruikt om apparaten zoals computers, smartphones, printers, camera's en andere elektronica aan te sluiten. Het is ontworpen om gegevens en stroom tussen apparaten over te dragen, en wordt ook vaak gebruikt voor het opladen van apparaten.

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Can I fix a loose wireless USB dongle?

The wireless USB dongle for my keyboard/mouse setup has become loose and will no longer stay in the USB port on my computer, so my keyboard won't stay connected. The metal and the plastic parts have become loose so they are wiggly. Microsoft can't replace just the dongle and only offered to replace the entire setup (meaning I would have to throw away a perfectly good keyboard and mouse - only a year old - because they can't connect to anything!). I've tried holding it in place with tape/rubber bands while in my USB port, but that hasn't worked. Does anyone know a way to repair the dongle so that it will stay in place?

Block Image

Block Image

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This answer comes from microsoft's blog with one person suggesting oven heating to help solder reflow to reconnect connections without requiring soldering skills. This may or may not help fix your broken dongle;

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I think some common sense should have prevailed before submitting such an answer. If you cared to have reviewed the images sent by Kelly, the USB dongle is clearly bent. The short term fix is to apply pressure to straighten the dongle back to its original position (i.e. finger/thumb) but this is obviously not feasible idea. The only way is to take apart the dongle and physically fix the circuit board which is likely to be bent. Take it to a PC Laptop repairs place and they will easily fix this.

By simply using a microwave or oven does not un-bend the dongle. The issue described by Kelly is specific.


@Red you can't put metal in a microwave lol.


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