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What is causing this?

Hi recently my air filter started acting weird,
The lights are ever so slightly lit when pressing buttons it makes light get brighter and when released it goes back,

The only fix i found is unplug it and plug it into another slot,
Whats happening with this?

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Hi @beanman56 ,

Is the unit running in auto mode?

If so, do the lights go out completely if you block the light sensor (between the mode and timer buttons)?

Does the problem only occur when using the same power outlet? You said "The only fix i found is unplug it and plug it into another slot,..." so was wondering if it then occurred in the new outlet also or only if you had switched it back to the first one


@andrewsawesome - Not really

@jayeff - its in auto mode and i don't think so, i can switch the outlet back to the first one


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Hi @beanman56 ,

If the purifier is in auto mode then according to p.10 of the user manual the lights should turn off after 3 minutes when it is in a dark room, because it has gone into night mode.

If they don't then it may be a problem with the sensor or its associated circuit. If it does this when the room it is in is not dark, again it could be the sensor thinking it is but not turning the lights fully off.

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