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The Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car (B-segment in Europe) manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1976.

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Ford Ecosport 2015 key fob working randomly

Ford Ecosport 2015 petrol. Key fob works randomly. After using car, the key does not locks/unlocks remotely. When i leave it for few hours the fob works perfectly. Been to service centre and have changed remote battery, car battery, reprogrammed key, upgraded car software and got car checked using company diagnostic software. Replaced dasboard, BCM and other related module from similar model car and there was no change in status. Checked wiring and fuse. Everything was fine. But the key fob works randomly. Also the battery discharges over night. The fob works then. When battery is low and the engine is not turned ON for some time - atleast 5 hours- Fob works.

If somebody can help to fix the issue, it would be great.


Update (02/17/2022)

Have given my car to the service centre. They did different diagnostics but couldn't get hold of the solution. Finally, today the ignition switch was replaced and miraculously the problem seems to have gone. Thankfully i hope i am done with it for Now.

Thanks jayeff for giving your precious time and sharing pertinent advice.

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Just to clarify are you saying that the car battery discharges overnight?

If this is the case, have you tried pulling fuses (one at a time) to see which circuit is draining the battery overnight

Can you start the car OK in the morning?

Don't know the vehicle but has the car's audio system got Bluetooth at all? Have read on this forum about a Honda CR-V mid 2000s model that the BT module was draining the battery. Disconnecting the module (BT option wasn't required) solved the problem of the battery drain.

Was wondering then if this was the case with yours also whether the BT signal may be interfering with the fob signal somehow. Good battery strong BT signal, weak battery, weak signal.


Thanks jayeff for taking time to answer. When the car is locked using fob the display goes blank. When i am not able to lock car using fob the display shows date & time. That is the only thing that consumes battery. Bluetooth is inbuilt and since i close off the stereo system there is no indicator of audio system using battery. The car was at service centre for 10 days and they have taken out all fuses and checked it. All of them individually. Wiring was checked. Was found to be ok. They then cleaned the connectors for carbon. The fob finally worked but for few weeks. Again facing same problem. Carbon will not form in a month's time. Kind of exhausted much of the options.

Thanks though for giving your valuable time.


@Nooruddin Hafeez

What was happening with the BT in the Honda was that the module was still transmitting, presumably trying to pair as the current drain measured on its supply fuse was ramping up every 30 seconds from ~10mA up to 250mA but there was no indication of this in the audio system that this was happening as the ignition was turned off (off position, not accessory position) so nothing was showing anyway.

But since you say the service centre checked for current drain on all the fuses presumably with the igniton key in the off position well I guess that negates it then.

Is it normal that the date and time is displayed with the car unlocked and no key in the ignition? Most cars I've come across is that nothing is shown except perhaps the immobilizer/security warning light flashing until the key is in the ignition and turned to accessories

Has the vehicle got keyless start option?



Thanks again jayeff.

I presume the same as i saw them going through the wiring, fuse and related modules.

Usually date and time is not displayed after car is locked with the fob.

Date & time is not displayed after unlocking car and not inserting the key in the ignition. (Fob in working condition)

When the fob is Not working then the date and time is displayed. In this case since the fob is not working i have to lock car with key . Date & time is displayed the whole time.

After few hours when the display goes off then the car gets locked/unlocked with fob.

Car does not have keyless start.


@Nooruddin Hafeez

If the D&T display still appears when the car is key locked (fob not working) I would start pulling the fuses one by one and check when the D&T display disappears to find out which circuit is causing this with the key out of the ignition and the car locked.

You have to start somewhere to try and track down why there is still power to keep the display on when it should be off, even when key locked . It may be the clue as to why the fob doesn't work.


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Here are a few things you can try to get your key fob working again:

  1. Change the battery
  2. Wipe the board down. Here is a video explaining this:
  3. The old car battery reset trick: I know this sounds absurd, but it works sometimes and is worth trying. If you exhausted all of the options above, disconnect both terminals on your car battery for 10 minutes. Then reconnect them and try your key fob.
  4. New fob.

For more detailed information on these tips, please visit the full guide on How To Fix A Key Fob here.

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