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The Dell Precision 5510 is a mobile workstation laptop released by Dell in 2015 as part of its Precision line of mobile workstations.

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Why can’t my Dell precision 5510 keep a charge?

My laptop’s battery kept getting worse and worse. Eventually it couldn’t keep a charge. Laptop would still run on AC power but it would randomly power off abruptly. I changed the battery. Powered up and it seemed ok. It said that it was charging. At one point it reached 100%. I kept it plugged in in order to calibrate the new battery. Then the original issues returned. I’ve also gotten messages that it doesn’t recognize my charger even though it’s the official one that came with my laptop. I updated everything and it happened again. Now it will not start for more than a second. There’s a blinking orange light near the trackpad but doesn’t blink a consistent amount of times. Any info is welcome. Thank you!

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a clue might be that it doesn’t recognize charger. There are many posts elsewhere about this. Apparently, the charger has 3 connections +, -, and sense. If the LT does not see the sense lead, it won’t charge. This can be cause by dirt in the adapter or computer sockets, a bad adapter cable, bad internal cable or bad circuit on the MB in order of fixing ease and cost.

Start with blowing out the sockets and wiggling cables. A bad cable will probably require a new adapter, Internal cable assy are available, as are MB, but that can be expensive.

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