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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Making noise in low speed

When my fan runs at low speed, I can hear a noise from inside. At high speed there is no noise.

How to fix this?

Each rotation of the fan make a screeching noise.

Please help.

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If your ceiling fan is making noise when it is operating at low speed, there could be several possible reasons. Here are a few things you might try to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check for loose blades: Make sure that all of the blades on the fan are securely attached to the motor. Any loose or wobbly blades can cause noise when the fan is running.
  2. Check the motor: If the blades are all securely attached, the issue could be with the motor of the fan. Inspect the motor for any visible damage or debris, and clean or repair it as needed.
  3. Check the bearings: The bearings in the motor of the fan can wear out over time, which can cause noise when the fan is running. If the bearings are damaged, they may need to be replaced.
  4. Check the mounting: Make sure that the fan is properly mounted to the ceiling and that all of the mounting hardware is tightened securely. Any looseness or wobbling in the mounting can cause noise when the fan is running.
  5. Check the wiring: If the blades, motor, bearings, and mounting are all in good condition, the issue could be with the wiring of the fan. Inspect the wiring for any loose or frayed wires, and tighten any loose connections.

I hope these suggestions help to resolve the issue with your ceiling fan. If you are still experiencing problems after trying these steps, it may be a good idea to consult the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician for further assistance.

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