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The Gear 2 Neo is a variant of the Gear 2 smartwatch by Samsung. It replaces the Gear 2's steel exterior with plastic and forgoes the camera for a more sporty and resilient exterior.

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Can I replace the housing? pin holder is broken.

The housing where the pin connects is broken. Can I replace the housing only? Or do have to replace entire watch? What's the break even point on something like this.

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rletsch6, I beleive watch may have a 1 year warranty on it, so try that route first if still under warranty with Samsung. Are you talking about the wrist strap pin hole is damaged, if so it looks like ifixit parts portion of the site sell replacement display assy. $49.95, that includes the housing with wrist pin attachment holes. 1st link is replacement display assy. and 2nd link is instruction on how to change. Another option would be to Google, Ebay,etc. for a parts watch to get replacement part. Verify before you purchase that part is correct for your device and that the housing is indeed included with assy., as far as break even point, it will be up to you to decide. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Display Replacement

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No need to change body.You can just apply some Mseal to ti,and I mind you,Mseal is more powerful than housing of the pin,i hai have done same thing,now,go and repair your watch,no need to change it ☺️.

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