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Is anyone writing a manual on Sony CyberShot DSC-H3 repair?

The function (mode) selector dial on my Sony Camera DSC-H3 absorbed the full force and the internal switches were damaged after a fall, and now the camera jumps from one function to another unpredictably. E.g., I set it on automatic mode, and it will jump around to different functions on its own, such as sports (fast shutter) or high sensitivity (low light), manual setting or movie mode. At other times, it will turn on in one mode and I can't switch it to another.

Has anyone started a manual on this excellent camera yet? Has anyone even taken one apart? It would help even if I knew it were very similar to another model, such as the DSC-H2 the manual for which is already in the collection. I'd be happy to write one myself if can get some general guidance such as this.

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Here is a assembly video.

This may help you if you follow it backwards to disassemble and troubleshoot the camera.

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There are official service manuals available online

There is no step by step guide in the official sony manual, and the parts for sony cameras are not easy to find

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I have the same issue, yet I've never dropped mine. It's worse each time I turn it on.. must be a manufacturing issue. I'm so close to smashing the thing open and fixing it myself.

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@misshaze help us to try to help you by giving us more information. Exactly what is going on with your camera? what have you tried?


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