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Hi! My name is Patricia Roux, and I am currently a sophomore at the Frederik Meijer Honors College of Grand Valley State University.


After graduating from GVSU, I hope to attend the ATP Flight School in Ypsilanti, MI. My dream is to become a commercial pilot for a major airline within a few years of graduating from university!


While my intended career path is in aviation, I have chosen the unrelated double major of economics and finance. I chose these majors not only because I think they will equip me with important life skills, but because these are subjects I find very interesting and will set me apart from other workers in my field.


One of my most relevant skills pertaining to the workplace as well as to iFixit is how detail-oriented I am. I have always been hyperfocused on the small things which has aided me tremendously in my education and previous jobs. My other skills include working with others, communication, and problem-solving.

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My proudest accomplishment thus far has been graduating fourth in my class from Lakeland Highschool in White Lake, MI. In addition, I was happy to find myself in a major leadership role as the Treasurer of the Lakeland chapter of the National Honors Society. I also received numerous awards in high school including a Promising Future Woman Engineer award from my involvement in the Society of Women Engineers during my senior year.

Repair Experience

I do not have a lot of experience in repairing things, other than small issues that can be resolved with the help of a quick Google search; however, I am eager to learn. I would love to learn how to repair anything from small mobile devices to large aircrafts.

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When I have free time, I love to spend it with my friends and family which I think is the most important. During my alone time, I love to play music, and research interesting topics, and hang out with my dog.

How does this project relate to me?

Already, I am finding this project to be very beneficial for my future career. I think that it will allow me to exercise my skills in a professional way, as well as allow me to learn about repairs which will undoubtfully help me when it comes to the more technical side of piloting.