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School - Cal Poly SLO

Major— I chose to be a computer science major because I love how programs can be written to solve so many problems

Aspirations—I hope to get a job where I grew up, Seattle

Skills—Python, Java, currently learning assembly, and later C

Projects/accomplishments—For my high school senior project I taught a group of 20 middle schoolers some starter python and coding skills

Repair experience—I’d like to learn more about computer repair in order to know what to do in some of my problems

Accolades—Cal Poly Honor’s list

Hobbies—I enjoy gaming and learning about history

How does this project relate to you?—This project will teach me ways to communicate in a technical manner, as well as help me learn how to replace parts in some computers

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?—The only pet I’ve ever had was a pet fish