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Once the penetrating lubricant has had time to soak in to the threads you can begin removing the hose.

Start at the upper end of the hose where they connect to the hard lines.

The upper nut, on the hard line, takes an 11mm line wrench or open-end wrench.

The lower nut, on the soft hose, takes a 14mm open-end wrench.

Loosen the upper nut on the hard line until the soft rubber hose comes loose from it. The 14mm wrench on the lower nut of the soft hose is simply used to hold the soft hose in place so it does not twist as you loosen the upper hard line nut.

Note that due to corrosion, this connection can be very difficult to loosen. Often, the 11mm nut on the hard line rounds off. If this happens, you may need to use locking pliers to remove it. This is covered later in this guide.

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