Holes in a down jacket can mean being a walking pillow-fight. Prevent feathers from leaking and ensure that the hole doesn't grow with a temporary patch. While patching your jacket with repair tape will hold for a while, and is a great way to repair on the fly, eventually you will want to put a real patch on the jacket. For details on patching a down jacket, check out our Baffle Repair Guide.

For replacement parts or further assistance, contact Patagonia Customer Service.


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  1. Inspect the damage. Clip any dangling threads, fabric, or feathers using small scissors. .
    • Inspect the damage. Clip any dangling threads, fabric, or feathers using small scissors. .

      • Do not pull feathers out with your finger. Pulling feathers encourages more feathers to come out the hole and makes the problem worse.

    • Clean the fabric area that you are repairing with Isopropyl alcohol prior to applying the patch. This will remove dirt and oil allowing the adhesive to bond well to the fabric. Allow fabric to dry for a short period before adhering the patch

    • Grab your repair tape.

    • Flip the repair tape to the back side.

    • Using a permanent marker, draw an oval slightly larger than the hole.

      • If you have a wide hole, you can use a rectangle, but be sure to round the edges. Rounding the edges prevents the corners from getting caught and peeling up.

    • Cut out your shape using scissors.

    • Lay the shape over the hole to ensure that the patch is large enough. You want the patch to be reach the fabric on all sides with at least an 1/8" of overlap.

    • Using your fingernail, or a pin, peel the backing off the repair tape, so that you only have the clear sticky layer.

    • Be sure not to touch the sticky side, as this will gum up the tape and it will not stick well.

    • Lay the tape over the hole and press the tape down with your finger.

    • Use a fingernail or a spudger to work all of the air out of the tape, rubbing it and pressing down on it with a warm palm until it is well-adhered.


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I have now put four or five tenacious tape patches on my son's down sweater (9 year old are tough in VT). But now it is very dirty. Can I wash it like I would if it didn't have the tenacious tape - or do i need to do something different?

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its water proof so i guess it can be washed

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I've found super glue works pretty well and doesn't show the down.

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