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If you are having hardware or software problems with the HP G71t-300, check out the troubleshooting page of this device for assistance.

Background And Identification

The HP G71t-300 is the third tier notebook in Hewlett Packard’s G71t laptop series, released in August 2009. The G71t series are all externally identical, equipped with a 17.3 inch HD+, 1600x900 pixel screen. Identifying the G71t-300 apart from the G71t-200 or 400 includes the product sticker on the back of the device as well as the internal components, with differences including processing speed and graphics card capabilities. It is important to note that the guides associated with this device will be universal for all models of the G71t series.

Additional Information

HP G71t-300 Support Page

HP G71t General Manual

HP G71t Laptop Specifications


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