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Background Information

DJI Phantom 4 Remote Controller

The drone remote is white and fairly large in terms of size. At the bottom of the remote, there are lights that indicate that the controller is turned on, as well as indicating how much battery life remains. This comes with a built-in phone/tablet bracket that is mounted on the front of the controller between the joysticks. It has 2 antennas to connect with the Drone. The main controls are on the front which controls the flying of the drone. The remote has a total of 12 buttons/switches all that add to a greater degree of control over the drone. This gives the pilot greater maneuverability and allows for fine adjustments which yields more oppotunities for the perfect shot. The pilot also has control of the camera which is located on the drone. The buttons on the top and the back control the camera and also the trimming of the drone. Located on the back of the remote are the model number and identification codes.

The remote is very advanced for what it is, and has many features. Some of the features included are:

For DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ V2.0

Built-In Smartphone/Tablet Bracket

OcuSync HD Transmission-Compatible

Automatic Switching to Fastest Signal

Dual 2.4/5.8 GHz Frequency Support

4.35-Mile Maximum Range

2 Controllers or Controller + Goggles

Built-In Speaker & Microphone

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Built-In USB Port

Additional Information

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