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Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Remote Control Troubleshooting

Help fixing a few common problems with the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Remote Control to help you get back to flying in no time.

Controller not charging

Wont charge when plugged in

Imperfect contact for power plug

Make sure the plug is all the way in.

The light will turn on if the controller is charging. If the light fails to turn on when the plug is fully plugged in, the adapter is faulty.

To fix the problem the charging port must be replaced.

Wont stay charged for as long as it use to

If the battery for the remote doesn't seem to stay charged as long as it use to, first make sure the battery is fully dead and charge it until the light flashes that it is done.

If battery still seems to not last very long you will need to consider a battery replacement.

Battery dies before getting to 1%

If battery dies before getting down to 1% the battery is weak and can be fixed by replacing the battery.

Controller experiences glitches, lag, or hesitation

Errant behavior during flight

Make sure battery is fully charged

Bring device back home using the home button.

If the GPS check fails. Move away from any major metal objects (cars) and power lines. Try and restart the drone, Controller, and the controlling device.

Ensure that all devices have a strong connection with each other

Drone unresponsive to controller input

My drone is not connecting to the controller

Make sure battery is fully charged

Restart both drone and operating device.

Ensure DJI Go app is up to date.

Connect controller with phone or tablet via USB cord. Make sure both ends are firmly locked in both ends.

Error updating controller

It never reaches 100% updated

Make sure battery is fully charged

Make sure USB cable is fully plugged in. Changing the cable can also be beneficial.

Restart device.

Delete DJI Go app and then re-download app on phone or tablet. If update has failed try and download with DJI Assistant 2.

Plastics break on remote

Antenna breaks/falls off

If the antenna on the remote is loose or has broke off there is a couple of ways that it can be fixed. If the wires are still attached and not damaged you can epoxy the antenna back on or order a antenna repair kit.

Plastic cracks/breaks off

The plastics on your remote maybe be damaged or broken. You can replace the plastics by ordering a plastic kit for the remote.

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