Blue Screen of death

My laptop keeps on going on the blue screen of death then doesn't even go to the repair mode where you can try and reset it, and can't even go to windows to fix the Kernel issue since it is Showing that on the Stop Code.

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Hi @athie,

Does it still do this if you start and run the laptop in safe mode


Tried to go to the startup page, just keeps on blue screening, tried to use Paragon it still won't boot into Paragon just Blue screens everytime..



Can you get into BIOS on startup and stay in there OK without it failing?


Yes I can go to the bios with F9 with no blue screen, but when I want to go to Startup with F11 I get the blue screen, try to do clean installation, it will boot into the stick let me choose which windows I want to install, just when you think it's going to start with the installation boom Blue screen with different Stop Codes each and every time I try..



If you have access to another PC (win10 or win 11) create a Recovery USB disc from the host PC In the host PC go to Control Panel → Recovery → Create a recovery disc and follow the prompts.

You will need an 8GB flashdrive and about 40-60 minutes of time.

When you have the Recovery USB, get into BIOS and change the boot order to USB first boot, insert the flashdrive , save the BIOS changes and restart the laptop.

If should boot into the Windows Recovery Menus from the USB drive

When there at this stage DO NOT select Reset this PC because if you inadvertently select the wrong next option you may erase all your data as Windows will be reinstalled.

Go to Troubleshooting → Advanced →Start up repair and follow the prompts and check if that fixes it.


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