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Windows 10 is een hoofdversie van het Windows-besturingssysteem. Het werd uitgebracht in 2015.

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Upgrading Windows 7 to 10 keeping customers data

Since its been along time since i've done this, what im trying to do is upgrade their device to Windows 10 via bootable media, I believe. I want to keep all the desktop icons, settings, apps, data; all in intact as if it were a clone to a new drive. Questions; whats the proper prodecure / way to do this the way I am describing. TIA.


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There are 2 ways to go on about updating Windows to a newer version while keeping user data:

RECOMMENDED FOR MULTIPLE PCS: You can install the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's website, flash it on a thumb drive, plug it in while the OS is running, then run setup.exe, it will guide you on how to keep everything. ( i suggested a thumb drive because i am assuming you are gonna do this on multiple PCs)

RECOMMENDED FOR A SINGLE PC: You can just download the Windows 10 ISO, open it in explorer to mount it, then run setup.exe, should be business as usual.

NOTE:You can't update PCs without having the OS running, booting the ISO is exclusively for new installs.

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Ty that’s what I was thinking but needed to confirm.


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Try using windows 10 from, the update that entrails is just the interface being different e.g. the windows logo, microsoft edge, it doesn't completely change your apps.

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So run the media from desktop non-bootable?


for the update to work, you would have to update via your apps will remain the same, microsoft apps such as microsoft edge will be updated.


also please check if your hardware and software has the requirements to proceed with the update.


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