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De Nintendo Switch is een draagbare spelconsole die via een dockingstation op de tv of onderweg kan worden gespeeld. Uitgebracht op 3 maart 2017.

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Potential Charging Port Problem (Really Odd Situation)

I would appreciate some thoughts and ideally suggestions on an issue with my Switch.

So the situation is this, a few years ago I purchased an Oivo Grip Controller, as a substitute for the standard JoyCons. Over time, the charge port became loose, causing charging interruptions. I attempted to reposition the cable, but now the controller has stopped working properly (it no longer responds or pairs correctly with the Nintendo Switch).

I tried reconnecting the charger and even bought a new controller, but it only works when plugged in. I suspect an issue with the Switch's charging port. I'm seeking advice on potential damage and considering taking it apart for repairs. Resolving this is crucial for me as playing the Switch helps with my depression. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Edit: To include pictures of (Oivo Controller front view and charge port, Nexigo controller, Switch Console side rails and charge port.) respectively for reference.

-Edit 2:Got rid of info about rail connectors since after contacting the company, it seems that they have nothing to do with the connection of the controller, it's strictly for stability of the mounted console.

-Update: I found a pair of actual JoyCons today and tested them out and they work perfectly fine, which let's me know it's not a problem with the actual Switchs side rails, as far as I can tell anyway. (Pictures included for reference.)

-Original Oivo Controller Grip:

Block Image

-Oivo Charge Port:

Block Image

-Replacement NexiGo GripCon:

Block Image

-Switch Side Rail (Right):

Block Image

-Switch Side Rail (Left):

Block Image

-Switch Charge Port:

Block Image

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Hey there @jakiecakes, I edited your question a bit for readability's sake, and attempted to keep the important information. Could we see some photos of the sides of your Nintendo Switch? This will help us in determining if the sensor rails are damaged Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


@jmehnert I liked the old version better. Had more character and had everything that the OP wanted us to know. I understand it was a bit more cumbersome to read but did eventually get its point across. Just saying ;)


Aye good looking fellow Jacob, I do have an issue with overloading with information as I believe any detail could be important to the situation, but this isn't always the case and I'm also not good at condensing, so thank you~


@oldturkey03 Thank you as well, I appreciate the appreciation haha but I'm sure most people would be overwhelmed by my potential rambling lol


@jakiecakes charging port isnt an easy repair for just anyone on a switch as the charge port has 2 rows of pins, it requires a soldering iron and hot air station, also if any of the solder pads under the port has been ripped then it would require jumper wires to replace the pads


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Hi @jakiecakes
This is a problem with the charging port and i recommend you replace it, this may be due to damage to the charging port over time plus the fact you attempted to reposition it which you probably then attempted to reinsert causing a possible metal damage/bending.

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