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when I turn music onto shuffle songs same song keeps repeating

How do i stop same song being repeated when i shuffle songs on my ipod - only the first song plays over and over

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I just updated my phone and not only is "shuffle" the only option showing, but it plays the same song over and over unless I manually forward to the next song. I've tried turning phone on and off to no avail. I have an iPhone 6S. Help!


On my iPhone 6 (IOS 10.2) there is no icon on the top right as stated here. There is just the song name, the length and the play and fast forward and rewind button. If I press the 3 little red dots, it gives me the choice to delete from the library or add to a list. But the same song plays over and over again.


I don't have these icons either. What the heck!!!!!


Ditto. Just discovered you now have to pull up the Play Now screen to see Shuffle and Repeat (doh!)


Where the he'll is that at. I'm a rookie, I need a tutorial


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When you are viewing the song, at the top right just below the total song length is where the shuffle icon appears. It shows in blue when shuffle is active and white when it is not.

On the top left, just below the current time for the song is an icon with two arrows "chasing" each other. They are white when repeat is inactive, blue when repeat full playlist is active and blue with a tiny number "1" when repeat 1 song is active.

I suspect that you have the repeat 1 song option set. Tap that icon once more to turn it off. Then shuffle should work as expected.

Hope that helps.

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It fixed my repeat-song1-when-on-shuffle issue.

Why would i want to repeat song 1 when on shuffle anyway?


This did the trick for me!

I had a bit of trouble finding that repeat 1.

On the Screen (in portrait Mode) (long edges up and down) touch the screen once in the middle to show the advancement of the song. The repeat cycle indicator is now visible to the left.

Thanks this issue had always puzzled me for a couple of years.

SomeHow every now and then my " List repeat" would turn into a "Song Repeat" even though I was in (PLAY ALL) / (shuffle all).

I must have inadvertently touched that repeat Icon!

Thanks Smartsphere


Brilliant it worked for me!


Thankyou it was a bit of a mission but yeh got it awesome!!!


Works great thanks


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Block Image

Block Image

To all those who have an iPhone and not an iPod:

iTunes recently did a crazy haul on their design and functionality in one of their updates. One thing they did was make it so the 'playing now' screen only shows (from top to bottom) the album cover, the length of the song, the title of the song, the album and creators/singers of the song (in that breaking-news-style looping text), the rewind, Play, and fast forward buttons, the volume slider, and the three dots at the bottom (more).

No shuffle or repeat Icons.

well, believe it or not, they're still there. Just hidden. What you have to do is scroll up from the 'now playing' screen. you should come to the lyrics of the song, and just above it are two very large and very obvious rectangular buttons saying "shuffle" and "repeat."

simply press the repeat button until it's grey, and boom. Problem solved.

I hope this was helpful!

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Finally. Thank you. What a stupid redesign.


YOU are awesome!! Thank you so much. It was driving me insane!!


thank you so much. this was driving me crazy and this is the only answer that helped me


Omg whoever u are you are amazing!!! I've been going crazy trying to figure this out


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BTW… an iPhone that is not enabled to make cellular phone calls IS essentially an iPod Touch.

My old iPhone4S (now turned into just an “iPod” Touch) hasn't had a new software rev in many years, still running IOS 9 hardware is too far outdated. My Subaru Outback is a 2013 and had been using this "iPod" trouble-free, for years.

Then one day it got into this repeating condition. I could turn repeat off on the car's stereo system, but it would always come back when I turned the car off and back on. The problem is not in the car, its the repeat setting in the phone. When you’re viewing the NOW PLAYING screen (where the entire screen is dedicated to the song that’s currently playing) there will be an icon that looks like an oval racetrack, two arrows chasing each other around the oval. touch that and your issues are over. The “iPod” was forcing the car into repeat mode. Once you change the setting in the “iPod” the issue should be resolved.

So... this is an excellent use for an old otherwise-useless iPhone, just use it as an MP3 player and keep it USB-connected to your car. First connect it with a cord to iTunes on your computer, set the "Sync via WIFI" setting then... you can leave the device in the car, connected via WIFI to your home network and you should be able to update the music library in it without ever taking it out of the car.

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