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The Logitech G733 Wireless Headset comes in multiple colors and is only wireless. This headset was released back in September 2020

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Replacement for snapped headband pieces

The ear broke off and are only held on by the wire now, is there casings or something i could buy to fix it?

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@peterscott97116 I have not seen Logitech selling parts for it not have I found a official seller for parts. The only thing you can try at this time is teho either fix yours or replace it with some parts you may get from another broken set. Check ebay etc. and see if you can find one that is broken, just different parts than yours. Use that to harvest parts from.

If you post some good pictures of what your broken parts look like etc. We might come up with a way to fix yours.

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What they mean is that the plastic swivel hinge broke off. I was able to find a replacement for it on Aliexpress, but there's currently no tutorial or guide to actually replace it.


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