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The Kenmore Model Number 970-678431 is an inductive cook-top range with single door oven and warming-drawer.

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oven is working but all the elements are not

all the elements are not working, ovens are working time clock are too

Update (10/09/23)

Here’s a photo of the diagram:

Block Image

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Hi @jojovidallon

The oven is a Frigidaire model made for Kenmore.

As best that I can find out the technical data sheet for the model series 970-6784* which would have the wiring diagram etc is part # 316458450 (supplier example only)

Unfortunately I cannot find a free download online. You may have better luck.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I’m sorry the model # is incorrect but what I have is schem. Diagram # 316904412 rev. B thanks



Do you need help reading the schematic?

I cannot find a free download online but if you can scan it, post the scanned file of it in your question above and I will try to help you navigate through it.

Here's how to add images, (it is the same procedure for documents etc) on ifixit

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I sent you a schematic diagram hope you’ll be able to help me




What is the model number of the oven and do you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it safely when testing for potentially lethal AC voltage?


Yes I have a multi meter, anyway did you receive the diagram I sent you


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