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The Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Verizon, manufactured by Samsung Electronics America

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SD CARD NOT reading on tablet but sd works on other devices3

how do i fix my problem because its my first device id rather not sell it i like keeping it as a keeps sake

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Hi @alvinvictor

Do other SD cards work OK in the tablet?

If also not then there's a problem with the card reader in the tablet.

Here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Verizon Front Panel Replacement guide that may help. At least how to open the tablet so that the card reader can be visually inspected e.g. loose from the systemboard?

After that the card reader would have to be tested to make sure that it is not physically damaged internally and is working electrically.

Not easy without the schematics and even they're not much help as the card reader isn't mentioned in the component troubleshooting flowcharts for the tablet.

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Thanks a lot but how do i check up if it works electrically



As I said not easy, without the schematics for the board.

Here's a link that may help a bit.

You can check that there's 3.3V DC on the vdd lead of the reader where it appears on the board.

The tablet would have to be turned on so be careful that you don't short anything out by bridging the meter's test probe between two close connections n the board as you could damage something


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