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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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iPod A1136 Click Will Center Button Fails to Click

Not sure which part I would need to remedy a non-clicking center button. The logic board might be good, but the battery is distended. It's probably the root cause of a perpetual Very Low Battery message. None of the iFixit guides I have seen, like those for the Click Wheel and Framework, seem to address the mechanism underneath the center button. This behavior persists even after separating the display/click wheel from the logic board/framework.

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For what I've seen in some of these 5ths gens the center button tends to move after a considerable amount of use. What you can do is take apart the front assembly and check the center button. It should have a small black rubber button below, taped into the logic board with yellow tape, usually this button moves from its position and you have to put it back on. For these kind of repair I use a tiny bit of adhesive and place the button in place. With just enough adhesive the button won't move from its position and it'll click fine.

If that doesn't work, try removing the small black rubber button and check for corrosion, you could also try cleaning with a little bit of alcohol.

If you need a guide on these repair you can ask me how and I'll post pictures of the procedure in here.

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@lkvee here is my answer to a similar issue from 5 years ago

the center button is actually nothing but a plastic piece that sits in the center of the click wheel and when pushed on depresses a microswitch on the logic board. Sometimes the center button plastic does no longer make good contact with the switch. You can try to either replace the clickwheel/center button and see if that works. The other thing you can try is to add some depth to it by applying a few layers of tape to the underside of the button. If that still won’t work, you can measure the switch itself first. Attach the leads from your multimeter to the bottom two contacts, you should see that the switch does have some resistance, and total continuity when depressed. If the switch itself checks out okay, you may have to replace the logic board. If the switches do not work, you 'could' try to replace those. It will be difficult to find the right microswitches. You could purchase a broken iPod or a non-working logic board at places like Ebay. then unsolder the switches and exchange them. BTW the switches are the same on a 6th gen. Classic. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

iPod 5th gen/w/ video center button doesn't click - iPod 5th Generation (Video) - iFixit

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