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Yoshi Island (with SHVC-1CB5B-20) lost components

Hi everyone, i got a Yoshi Island snes cartridge with the Serial code SHVC-1CB5B-20 that isn't working.

When i opened it, i noticed that it does't have the C2 capacitor and R1 resistor.

Could anyone help me identify the values ​​to replace?

Block Image

Block Image

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Can you upload a picture of your own board with the missing capacitor and resistor? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


i just added it


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@victormdgz take a really close look at R1. It looks like the marking on that resistor is 102 which makes it a 1K resistor. Measure the distance from point to point to get the length of the component to determine the package size. Obviously this board has had world done on it before. C2 just has a solder bridge to what appears to ground, which may still allow your board to work. U5 has a not so great looking jumper to the trace, so possible solder pad torn off during a repair.

The immediate area of concern that I have is for your SRAM as well as U5. If you really want to resurrect this, you may need to start looking for a donor board where you can

a. measure the components and

b. measure the traces for the routing.

Schematics are not easily found.

Block Image

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It is my first time fixing this type of cartridge. I found it in a very deplorable state and have tried to fix it before looking for a ROM transplant. I hadn't noticed the CB1 component that is missing solder. Thanks for your answer.


I'd be concerned by the state of the connectors as well. Don't look like they'd make a good contact.


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