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SolaDyne Table Top LED Lantern model number 7450, manufactured by SolaDyne through Aervoe Industries.

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Where can I get a replacement solar panel for this lantern?

I would like to put a new solar panel on this lantern. Where can I get one that will be the correct size and work with the existing wiring?

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@sbpq8zkqxq7pjps lets see the rest of the lantern. Post a couple of good pictures with your question. You know we'll find a solar panel that'll work for . Just need to see where it needs to get installed to. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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Hi @sbpq8zkqxq7pjps,

You may have to disassemble the lantern so that you can get to view the back of the solar panel. Hopefully there may be some manufacturer's model/part information shown there that will make it easier to find the panel.

Here's the ifixit SolaDyne LED Lantern guide that may help

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I do not have the solar panel any more so I cannot view the back of it. The adhesive came off and the solar panel got discarded even though I have the rest of the lantern.


I need a round solar panel that fits exactly to where the other solar panel was.


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might sound like a stupid suggestion but keep an eye out for cheap garden lights on sale or even ones that a friend or family member has had in their garden and stopped after a cold winter, this is usually just the batteries that have given up, the panel may still be salvagable

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