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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Ceiling Fan Capacitor replacement

I need to replace my ceiling fan capacitor because it only works on its high speed. Any other speed makes the fan slow to a crawl then even stop at times. I been having trouble finding the exact capacitor the fan has.

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At Amazon I found this capacitor but I am not sure it will work in my fan since for the red its 4.5uf/300v instead of 4.5uf/280v that the old one has. While the brown and purple match in numbers

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At I found a capacitor that at first mached one I need but when I ordered it and it arrived it was totally different from the image lowes had in its website. This is what I received from lowes

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Does anyone know if its ok to use the one from lowes or is it better for me to just return it and get the one from Amazon instead?

Update (05/31/23)

Thanks to eveyone who answered my post. I ended up just returning the one from lowes. I didnt want the higher microfarad messing up my cealing fan. Instead I ordered one i saw on amazon. I made sure the macrofarads matched the old one, and followed the adviced on the voltage rating being higher but not lower then the the old ratings. It finally got here yesterday. The lowes one looked better physically, like better made then the amazon one. I installed it anyways and now the fan works at all speeds. Hopefully it lasts a good while and isn't some crappy knockoff, which now a days is very common.

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Hi Jesus,

The one from Amazon will work fine as an exact replacement. The voltage rating is indicative of how much voltage it can withstand and doesn't change the performance characteristics. So you can always use a capacitor with a higher voltage rating than the one you have, as long as the Farad rating is the same. So the one from Amazon can handle 300 volts while your current one can only handle 280V, but since the 4.5uF rating is the same it will work identically to the existing one.

As far as the one you got from Lowes, that one's rated for 350V which again is fine since it's greater than the 280V of the original. I'm not quite sure how critical the difference between the 6uF on the Lowes capacitor vs. the 5uF on the original is going to be. I'd have to see a schematic diagram of the circuit to be sure, but to be honest if it was mine I'd give it a try. My best guess is that it will probably only affect one of the fan speeds and I'm fairly sure it's not enough of a difference to cause any damage to the circuit. I'd say plug it in and try the speeds plus reverse; if they all seem to work correctly then call it good. If one of them doesn't seem right then return the Lowes one and reorder from Amazon.

Although I am quite knowledgeable about electricity, I'm not a ceiling fan expert by any means, so if someone else knows if a 1uF difference will have an effect or not, it would be good to know for sure.

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Hi @jesusrodri90005

The one you got from Lowes has a higher value capacitance for one of the capacitors i.e. 6µF in lieu of 5µF. This would affect the speed of the fan on one or all of the settings, depending on when it was connected in circuit e.g. at low, medium or high speed, as it affects the amount of current flowing through the fan motor.

The capacitive reactance (AC resistance) of a 5µF capacitor at a frequency of 60Hz is 530 Ohms, for a 6µF capacitor it is 442 Ohms. At 50Hz it is 636 Ohms and 530 Ohms respectively.

You would need to know if the capacitors were wired in series connection, parallel connection or series parallel connection through the speed switches to know whether it was faster or slower, unless you just tried it and checked of course ;-)

As for the 4.5µF capacitor it is always OK to use a capacitor that has a higher voltage rating than the one specified. Just never use one that has a lower voltage rating. In your case the original 4.5µF capacitor has a rating of 280VAC whereas the Lowes is higher at 350VAC. The other two capacitors have the same voltage rating as the original.

You can try using the Lowes capacitor and check if the fan operates OK. Electrically it should but the speeds may be slightly different but it may depend on the mechanical characteristics of the fan as well.

You may wish to check first if Lowes offer returns on goods that have been opened (unpackaged) before you try it in case doing this voids any warranty or guarantee provisions.

FYI Types C61 and CBB61 mean the same

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Personally I wouldn't use the one that has the incorrect microfarad rating. When replacing capacitors I only use ones that are within 3-5% of the original value. This is 17% more. So for one of the 3 speeds, it's going to run using the wrong value. I would replace one with the ųf reading that matches. As for the voltage rating change... as long as it is AT LEAST that of what you're replacing, don't worry bout it. You never want the voltage rating of the new to be lower than that of the old. But higher voltage rating will have zero affect, positive or negative.


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