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Repair information and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion 15-au. This is a 15 inch laptop computer manufactured by HP as part of their Pavilion line.

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What components are missing in the mother board?

Not sure if this is how it came or if it was removed but what is missing in this slot and where can i buy the item.

Block Image

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This looks like it would have been an optional upgrade for a dedicated graphics processor on some variants of this machine. The two smaller chips off to the side would probably be dedicated VRAM. They likely were never populated on this particular board.

As for where to find these chips, that's another story altogether. Depending on firmware it may be more difficult than just putting the chips on to get them to work.

Is there a particular reason why you want to install them?

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no reason just trying make sure i wasnt missing anything


@erickhdez1226 Perfect. Then as long as everything works fine, I suspect you're in good shape. It's totally normal for a board manufacturer to have one "master" circuit board that has several variants of what components end up on the actual product. Way easier to keep most everything the same if all you're doing is plopping a dGPU on there and any other components that are necessary for it to function correctly.


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