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Televisions made by LG.

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LG TV not turning on


I have an LG TV 65UM7300AUE and it won't turn on. There is no red light on the IR sensor and I've followed all the basic troubleshooting. After that I have been buying parts from ebay, trying each one to see if it fixes the issue. I tried replacing the power supply board, main video board, IR button and sensor, IR/WIFI cable and lastly the power supply board to main video board power cable and it's still not turning on. I'm at a loss of what's going on with the TV. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

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@gabrielomarpr does it give you any sign of life at all? Any power LED light when you plug it in? Have you checked if you get power to the power board? It will be there even if you do not turn the set on. Do you still have the back cover off? Can you post pictures of the complete back and the individual boards with your QUESTION? That way we can see what you see. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


Thanks for the comment. There's no signs of life at all. No LED light on when plugged in. I do have a multimeter but I honestly don't know how to measure voltage on this. I added images to the OP for reference.


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Hi @gabrielomarpr

You may have to start again as you can't be certain that the replacement parts were OK or not.

Here's a composite image of the No Power troubleshooting procedure, taken from the service manual that may help.

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(click on image)

If you get the correct standby power at the power board, check that it gets OK to the mainboard as it may be a faulty cable between the two. It is the mainboard that turns on the red standby power light.

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Thanks for the reply and the great info but I'm missing some knowledge on how to measure the voltage. Though it seems that all paths on the troubleshooting flowchart end up replacing the power board or the main board, which I have done already, but granted, as you said, I don't know if the replacement parts are good or not. I also tried replacing the cable between the two boards but still no response.



You measure the STB voltage between power board connector P201 pin 1 (PS-On lead - this doubles as the STB lead as well) and an earth point e.g. the head of a screw which is securing the board, that is screwed into the TV chassis

The board should show the connector pin layout near the connector either an arrowhead or the number near pin 1 and usually only the odd numbered pins can be accessed from the top of the board. The even numbered ones are too hard to connect a meter to and you either have to get to the underside of the board or unplug the cable and get at them from the front of the plug.

Be safety aware as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board so be careful what you touch


Thanks for the reply. In the original board, there is no voltage on pin 1 but the 13.2V pins all have a 3.5V and other parts of the board also have power, but going by the flowchart I'd have to replace the Power Board. On the other hand, the replacement Power board I had first bought gets no voltage whatsoever in any of its components. I'll try and get a third replacement even if it sucks. I'll reply when I try the new one.



On the board with no power, check that the main power input fuse on the board is OK. Usually it is mounted close to the power input cable connection. Its value should be printed on the board next to it.

Use an Ohmmeter to test the fuse for continuity i.e. no power connected to TV. It should test 0.00 Ohms - a short circuit.


I checked the fuse in both boards and for the new one which has no power, there is no continuity and it doesn't read any ohms. The original one which gets power but bad std by readings there's continuity.


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