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Samsung PS51D8000FU Screen Blew - No Picture But Sound Works

Whilst watching TV there was a loud bang/popping noise and the screen went black, however the sound carried on. The TV turns on/off still, remote works, but no picture.

I took the back off to have a look, and whilst I have 0 knowledge of TVs I think this area might be the culprit as it’s covered in some kinda funky stuff? I was hoping anyone who has knowledge of these things might be able to help me identify whether this is correct and if so would replacing the board likely fix the problem?

Block Image

It’s on a board model no. PB5FA BN44-00446A.

Thank you in advance to anyone who has the time and knowledge to help me out.

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That “funky stuff” is just dust buildup. The culprit is most likely the backlight LED panel.

Try to shine a torch onto the screen in an angle and see if you can see any picture. If you can, then it is 100% backlight issue….


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@bajalafoo No picture but sound is a big issues with a plasma TV. Since you do have sound its probably not the power supply. You would need to look at the individual boards (Z-board or MAin Board in your TV's case) is the prime suspect. We would need to see those boards to assist you with that. BTW what you posted is just common household dust that collects in the back of those TV's. Post some good pictures with your Question. You need to EDIT the QUESTION and use this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag to add images. That way we can see what you see. Please remember that Plasma TV's have quite a bit of voltage and it'll pack a punch if you get zapped. Keep your hands of the boards etc. for now.

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