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iPod will not Power on after screen replacement?

My daughter recently cracked the screen on her IPOD Touch 4G. I decided to try to replace it myself and ordered the suggested parts. After following the instructions and doing the install the IPOD will not power on. I opened it up and checked everything and it mostly looks good.

There is one part looks to be ripped. I am not sure what it is called but it looks like it might be a ribbon cable of some sort. The part can be seen here

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

On the picture for step 10. The part is the yellow “ribbon” that connects to the circuit board just above the left top corner of the battery in the picture.

The “ribbon” ripped clean in the middle. Is this the reason I cannot power on my IPOD? If not, what other part might be causing the problem? Also, the “ribbon” that I ripped, is it fixable/replaceable? If so can you provide me instructions or a link to instructions.

Thank you so much!

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The above is correct, replace the flex cable. I want to note, however, some soldering tips. It seems that second to ripping the flex cable people tend to destroy their logic boards by tearing off the solder pads where the flex cable connects.

1. Put Kapton tape over the nearby circuits to protect them when doing any type of solder work.

2. Always use a solder braid to push off/desolder/remove the old cable. I use a chisel tip for desoldering the flex cable with a braid, however, I use a fine conical tip when soldering the new flex cable back to the board.

- I've seen too many tutorial video showing people heating up the flex cable contacts and pulling it up. It is easy to apply too much heat -- and if you pull on the cable you can easily lift the solder pads. There are tons of "boards for parts" on e-bay and probably 99% of them have lifted solder pads.

I usually suggest that the + terminal on the battery be desoldered first to prevent shorting out the board from accidental solder splash, etc.

Lets us know how you do!

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This is the reason you cannot power on.

Here is the best help I can give you.

You may have found this Q&A allready.

How should I install the on/off/sleep & volume flex cable?

"asle" is very helpfull and informative about 4th gen fixing. Thank You asle.

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the ribbon you tore might of been the battery ribbon cable attached to it... you can tell by unscrewing the frame that the lcd sits on and looking at the cable, which is soldered on to the motherboard. that torn cable could have also been the lcd, which is also attached to its part... the lcd is connted to the motherboard, so you can just use a pry tool to lift it up and disconnect it. regardless that torn cable is the problem but are both extremely easy to repair... ebay sells the parts very cheap

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I have a ipod touch 4g and I have replaced the screen what the flex cable is fine and the screen is brand new. what could be wrong

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